About Us

practipedia Aggrandizing Your Digital Journey

Practipedia, Nashik / Pune / Mumbai is a potpourri of bubbling talents with diverse portfolios all coming together as a strong team of contenders. We work together in unison to help your business soar up in the vast sky of Digital platform. Our team consists of social media management experts, creative designers, insightful digital strategists. With practipedia as your digital partner, your business blooms and booms higher and higher!

Our Core Values


That Makes You
Stop Looking Elsewhere


That Makes You
Start Believing In Success


That Makes You
Start Targeting For More

How It Happened

Practipedia was a collective idea of a group of digital marketing enthusiasts who had dreams of offering a single point combined, customized solution that brings together all aspects of digital marketing from concept creation to results
As independent individuals who have prior experience and expertise in their respective fields of digital marketing in Nashik/Mumbai /Pune, the amalgamation of their ideas gave birth to Practipedia